Garwood, New Jersey, is a small borough located in Union County that is known for its friendly and welcoming community atmosphere. With a population of approximately 4,300 people, the town has a small-town charm that creates a close-knit community where residents often know each other and look out for one another.

The town hosts several community events throughout the year, such as the Garwood Rocks Music Festival and the Garwood Family Day, which provide opportunities for residents to come together, enjoy live music, carnival games, rides, and food vendors, and reinforce the town's community spirit.

Garwood has several local businesses that are owned and operated by residents, which contribute to the local economy and provide a sense of community pride. Its charming neighborhoods with well-maintained homes and tree-lined streets also reflect the community's pride in their town. Additionally, Garwood offers several parks and recreational areas, including the Garwood Sports & Recreation Complex and a community pool.

The town's rich history dates back to the 19th century when it was part of Westfield. Garwood was incorporated as a borough in 1903 and named after James Garwood, a businessman who played a key role in the town's development.

Garwood is located near several neighboring towns, including Cranford, Westfield, and Scotch Plains, which offer additional dining, shopping, and entertainment options while maintaining their own unique small-town charm.

Overall, Garwood, New Jersey, is a friendly and welcoming town that values its community spirit and rich history, making it a great place to call home.

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Garwood, New Jersey, is conveniently located for commuting to nearby cities and towns. The town has easy access to major highways, including the Garden State Parkway, Route 22, and Route 28, making it easy to get to destinations throughout New Jersey and beyond.

For those commuting to New York City, Garwood is located just a short drive away from several train stations, including the Garwood NJ Transit Station and the Westfield NJ Transit Station. These stations provide easy access to New York Penn Station and other destinations throughout New Jersey and New York City.

Garwood is also conveniently located near Newark Liberty International Airport, which is just a 20-minute drive away. The airport offers flights to destinations throughout the United States and internationally, making it easy for Garwood residents to travel for business or pleasure.

In addition to its easy access to major highways, train stations, and the airport, Garwood is also a walkable town. Its small size and pedestrian-friendly streets make it easy to walk or bike to local destinations, such as local shops and restaurants.

Overall, Garwood's location and transportation options make it easy for residents to commute to nearby cities and towns for work or leisure, and to travel both domestically and internationally.


Garwood, New Jersey, offers a variety of dining options to suit different tastes and budgets. Some of the popular restaurants in Garwood include:

  • Al's Deli: This Italian-American deli offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and prepared foods made with fresh ingredients. The deli is known for its large portions and friendly service.

  • The Station Bar & Grill: This casual restaurant serves American cuisine, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and entrees such as grilled salmon and New York strip steak. The restaurant also offers a selection of craft beers and cocktails.

  • Rudy's Italian Restaurant: Rudy's has been serving traditional Italian cuisine to the local community for over 70 years and is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant offers a range of classic Italian dishes, including homemade pasta, fresh seafood, and authentic Italian desserts.

Overall, Garwood offers a variety of dining options, including delis, bar food, and casual restaurants. The town is also located near several neighboring towns, including Westfield and Cranford, which offer additional dining options, including fine dining and international cuisine.


Garwood, New Jersey, offers a variety of entertainment options for residents and visitors. Here are some of the popular entertainment options in Garwood:

  • Garwood Lanes: This bowling alley offers 12 lanes for public use and also hosts league play. The facility also offers an arcade and a snack bar.

  • Escapology Escape Room: This interactive experience allows groups of friends or family members to solve puzzles and clues to escape from a themed room. The escape rooms are designed for participants of all ages and skill levels.

  • The Garwood Arts & Music Festival: This annual event brings together local artists, musicians, and vendors to showcase their talents and products. The festival features live music, food trucks, and a beer garden.

  • The Garwood Public Library: This community library offers a variety of programs and events for all ages, including storytimes for children, book clubs, and author talks.

Overall, Garwood offers a range of entertainment options, from family-friendly activities to cultural events and live music. Whether you're looking to bowl a few frames, solve an escape room, or explore local art and music, Garwood has something for everyone.

Garwood Schools

Lincoln Franklin Elementary School in Garwood serves students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The curriculum focuses on building strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and math, as well as social and emotional development.

After eighth grade, Garwood students attend nearby Arthur L. Johnson High School in Clark as part of a sending/receiving relationship between the two districts.

In addition to traditional academic programs, the Garwood Public Schools offer a range of extracurricular activities, including music programs, sports teams, and clubs for students with diverse interests. The district also has a strong commitment to inclusive education and provides support for students with special needs.

Overall, the Garwood Public Schools system is a small but vibrant district that focuses on providing a well-rounded education for its students, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement and personal development.


  • Lincoln Franklin Elementary School (PK-8)
  • Arthur L. Johnson High School (Grades 9-12)

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